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Hold the ap-paws for our recent Doggie Doc!

As the weather closes in and the leaves change to a beautiful browny yellow, I see Roddy pondering... "Is this year's dose of sunburn finally over?"

Most likely no. I understand his fear- we've been in some sweltering locations this year and it's hard to shake the paranoia. Read on for all the news about our dog documentary in Cyprus...

Serious documentary, adorable footage

Earlier this year Roddy flew out to Cyprus to film a documentary following the story of one inspirational couple who set up a charity after seeing the huge scale of the stray dog problem in the country. They have since dedicated their lives to helping re-home as many dogs as possible, with some pretty heart wrenching stories along the way. 

From busting dogs out of illegal puppy farms, to mad drives round Cyprus to collect mistreated canines, it certainly wasn't a shoot for the faint hearted. 

Before and After shot of the poor puppy we rescued from a sub-standard government pound (now re-homed in the UK)

Left: Presented by A Place in the Sun's Danni Menzies

Centre: The team went undercover in to a puppy farm and bust out an Alsatian we later named BOLT. As in "Time to Bolt!"

Right: Roddy shooting the beautiful establishing shots of Cyprus

CYPRUS UNLEASHED has now been together and is doing the rounds at a variety of tv channels. Watch this space for news on it's release.

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