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   Roddy and his team were amazing on the day of the event - turning up early, liaising with the IT staff at the venue, and even charming customers into doing short video interviews for us to make into case studies. His interviewing style is great, as he creates a low pressure environment where the interviewee feels really comfortable and opens up to him. His ideas for the edit are creative and innovative, but keep to the brief. Basically - great attitude and great skill at a reasonable price!

Roddy Walker director producer actor Headshot

Roddy Walker

Company Director

Producer, Camera Op & Editor

Whistles far too much.

Cameron Prins headshot

Cameron Prins

Camera Operator


Ex-Red Bull adventurer

Jennifer Moyes

Headshot Photographer

Event Photographer

Self Professed "Cat lady without a cat"

Nathalie Baker

Camera Op


Took 2 years to learn how to whistle but she got there in the end.

Manuel Pacific



All round technical wizard.

Andrew Gallop

Junior Editor


Camera Operator

Has serious drumming skills.

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