It's always a huge pleasure working with Roddy. He's not only incredibly talented, imaginative and capable, but also the easiest guy in the world to work with. He's always up for an adventure and accompanied my band to Italy on tour at the drop of a hat.

Orlando Seale
Orlando Seale and the Swell

Orlando Seale and The Swell



Recognise the drummer?  He's only's editor and animator, Andrew!


Eli Bridges

What’s Happnin’

In January 2015, was sent to NYC to film an event. An unexpected snowstorm like never seen before rendered the event cancelled along with Roddy's hotel, however weirdly the flights remained booked and on track.


With no place to stay, and an almost open 3 day diary, we continued with the plan to fly out to see what adventures ensued. 


A frantic facebook post was put out as the plane sat on the runway, and by the time it landed in NYC, Facebook had come to the rescue, in the form of Eli Bridges.

Two years earlier, Eli had been one of the subjects of the NYC Busking film Roddy had made whilst travelling across the USA.

Needless to say, thanks for the sofa and for an awesome 2 days of shooting a very spontaneous and snowy music video.

Fortnight in Florida

"It's Alright"


Recognise the drummer?  He's only's editor and animator, Andrew!

Yes, he's in two bands.