Preserve your most valuable insights on film to showcase online for all those that didn't make the event.

We can cover multiple tracks across multiple rooms, to ensure you don't miss a word.

     I recently worked with Roddy on a week long training programme where he was filmmaker and photographer. Roddy was highly professional delivering on time and on budget. Roddy was easy to work with, coming up with creative and innovative ideas and content. 

   Roddy's interviewing style is great, as he creates a low pressure environment where the interviewee feels really comfortable and opens up to him. His ideas for the edit are creative and innovative, but keep to the brief. Basically - great attitude and great skill at a reasonable price!


Grab some one-on-one time and make the most of the industry leaders while you have them.

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You're only as good as what your clients say about you.


You know your favourite clients- the ones that you have cultivated an amazing relationship with over time. You work hard for them, and they come back to you because they know you get results.

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Pain-free, informal and fun. 

Really impressed with the service and expertise. Roddy is very professional, friendly & delivers excellent work quickly.

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