Here is just some of the work that Manuel, our Lead Animator, has created over the years.

A blend of stunning design, animation and visual effects.

I am so proud of our team and the skills that they bring to the table. No job seems too large for them, and I'm always amazed by the high level of quality and work ethic that goes in to each and every project. 


Here's to producing furthur product case studies, demos and graphics work, as RWP.media moves further towards working with more companies in emerging technologies.

Roddy Walker, Company Director

This animated video was created entirely from scratch, all filmed and produced in-house at RWP, Old Street, London.

Every animation project is different, however we are a well oiled machine and have systems in place to help breakdown what can be quite a complicated process into bitesize, manageable chunks.

Ongoing communication is key, and we ensure the client is with us through the entire journey. This avoids any loss of momentum and ensures we're always going down the right track and avoiding any waste of time (and money!).

We delivered four final versions to the client- some with / without subtitles and with / without a final Call to Action.

Interested in telling your company's story in animation? Email me at roddy@rwp.media and let's have a chat.

Turnaround time: 4 weeks

Budget: Under £7k
RWP Team: Manuel & Roddy

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